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Horn Manure

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COW HORN MANURE - A general but powerful 'pick me up' for the garden. Essential.
Horn Manure helps strong humus formation in the soil.
Increases all soil bacteria, such as rhizobacta activity (nodulation) on all legumes, eg dals, etc. and increases the phosphate solubilizing bacteria
Increase in the mycorrhizal fungi and their hyphae
Improved crumb structure and resultant improvement in soil tilth.
Earthworm activity is increased.
Absorption and retention of water is greater.
International research has found that BD soils require 25% to 50% less irrigation than conventional soils.
A deep rooting system is developed in all plants.
It will work equally well in any soil type, clays, volcanic, peat silt or weathered silica.

One small bag will supply enough preperation to folair spray the largest of suburban gardens.

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