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Yerba Mate - Dried Whole Leaves

Yerba Mate - Dried Whole Leaves Image

Native to South America, Mate is the national drink of Argentina where it is consumed more frequently than black tea or coffee.
Mate is from the Spanish word meaning 'gourd' as it is often consumed from cups made of Calabash gourds.

Best to avoid consuming with meals as the high tannin content can impair nutrient assimilation.
Pregnant and nursing women should avoid caffeine.

The caffeine in Mate stimulates the burning of fat.
It is also consumed for Colds, Delerium, Depression, Diabetes, Fatigue, Flu, Headache, Migraine, Neuralgia, Obesity, Premenstrual Syndrome and Rheumatism.
Most dried Mate is chopped or pulverized which allows the inclusion of stem and adulterants in the mix which, in turn, reduces the quality.

Packet of 12g whole, dried (unroasted) leaves.

Due to exorbitant overseas postage costs, the dried herbs can only be posted within Australia.

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