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Ashwagandha Above ground parts.

Ashwagandha Above ground parts. Image

Withania somnifera, Winter Cherry, Withania, Indian Ginseng.
Above ground parts includes, leaf, flower, fruit, seed and some stem.
Guaranteed pure Ashwagandha arials, harvested by hand at it's peak time.
Tea Grade is perfect for tea infusions or tinctures and the Capsule Grade is fine enough to fill aprox. 50 gelatine capsules.
Bio-dynamically grown on our farm in Queensland, Australia.
Principally used for convalesence and compromised immunity.
Properties: Adaptogen, Anabolic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Antitumor, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Diuretic, Febrifuge, Hormonal Regulator, Hypotensive, Immune Stimulant, Nutritive, Pregnancy Tonic, Rejuvenative, Sedative, Tonic, Uterine Sedative.
Internal Uses: Anemia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Bipolar Depression, Bronchitis, Cancer, Candida, Convalescence, Dyspepsia, Edema, Emaciation, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Forgetfulness, Gray Hair, Headache, Hypertension, Illness, Impotence, Infertility, Insomnia, Low Sperm-count, Lumbago, Memory Loss, Mental Fatigue, Neurosis, Overwork, Panic Attacks, Premature Aging, Pulmonary Edema, Rheumatism, Stress, Tremors, Wounds
Internal Applications: Tea, Tincture, Capsules.
It is a pregnancy tonic for both the fetus and a weak mother. Ashwagandha relieves pain by lowering serotonin levels, which contribute to the sensitivity of pain receptors in the body. It is considered a good tonic for the mind and useful for those who have overindulged in work, drugs, or alchohol.
Topical Uses: Wounds
Topical Applications: Poultice for wounds.
Energetics: Bitter, Sweet, Warm.
Chemical Constituents: Alkaloids, steroidal lactones, iron.
Contraindications: Generally regarded as safe.
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Due to exorbitant overseas postage costs, the dried herbs can only be posted within Australia.