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Roman Wormwood - Dry Herb

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Roman Wormwood (Artemesia Pontica) is a native of Southern Europe.
It grows about the same height as the Common Wormwood, but has smaller and more finely cut leaves, the segments being narrower, the upper leaves more resembling those of Southernwood; the leaves are white with fine hairs on both upper and under surfaces. The flowers, which blossom in Summer, are numerous, at the tops of the branches, and are darker and much smaller than those of Common Wormwood.

This is the most delicate of the Wormwoods; the aromatic flavour with which its bitterness is mixed causes it to be employed in making the liqueur Vermuth.

Medicinally, the fresh tops are used, and also the whole herb, dried.

Culpepper considered the Roman Wormwood 'excellent to strengthen the stomach.'
Also that 'the juice of the fresh tops is good against obstructions of the liver and spleen. . . .
An infusion of the flowering tops strengthens digestion.
A tincture is good against gravel and gives great relief in the gout.'

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