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Neem Tree - Potted Seedling

Neem Tree - Potted Seedling Image

Azadirachta indica needs little introduction.
It's common names are Village Pharmacy, Margosa, Nimba (Sanskrit), Sarva Roga, and Nivarini.
Its antibacterial properties are often used for Staph and Clostridia.
Neem effectively kills lice, and the seeds in particular can be used as a spermicide.
Mahmoodin shows significant activity against a wide range of micro-organisms.

Topical Uses: Acne, Athlete's Foot, Boils, Chickenpox, Eczema, Gingivitis, Hemorrhoids, Leprosy, Plaque, Rash, Ringworm, Scabies, Wounds

Topical Applications: Bath for chickenpox, rashes and wounds. Juice from leaves is applied to boils and eczema. Bark decoction is applied to hemorrhoids. Twigs are used as toothbrushes to prevent gum disease, treat gingivitis and prevent plaque buildup. Oil is used to condition hair. Leaves are used in salves and soap to treat acne, athletes foot and ringworm. Oil and sap are used in treatment of leprosy and scabies. When Neem is added to cosmetic products it can help preserve the products as well as benefit many skin conditions.

Not a difficult tree to grow and keep happy but it is frost tender as a young plant, but it's tolerance increases as the tree ages.
If purchased during the colder months, it may be leafless until Spring comes.

Some plants are planted seasonally, as their nature demands.
These will therefore only be available while they last, as we try not to plant more than will survive in a condition appropriate to be mailed out with the greatest chance of survival.
If we are out of stock (especially annuals), we will not be planting until the time is right for the particular plant, once again.
This may be up to 8 months, depending on the plant.

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