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Tiawan Sweet Olive- Potted Plant

Tiawan Sweet Olive- Potted Plant Image

Sweet Olive or Osmanthus fragrans is a traditional symbol of Love and Romance throughout much of Eastern Himalaya, through China and into Taiwan and southern Japan and is closely associated with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

Also known as Sweet Osmanthus, Sweet Olive, Tea Olive, and Fragrant Olive, it's wonderfully fragrant flowers carry a delightful and unmistakable scent.

The flowers are used in much the same way as Elder Flowers, to make jams, soups, liqueurs, deserts, confectionery and medicines.

In Chinese cuisine, its flowers may be infused with green or black tea leaves to create a relaxing scented tea (桂花茶, guìhuāchá).

Sweet Olive grows very well down the entire east coast of Australia, it is a very hardy large shrub that can be trained as a tree with a central trunk or allowed to bush up low, becoming a very pleasing 'shrub' shape.
It handles drought quite well and we have never lost a tree to dry weather or frost in all of the years that we have been growing it.

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