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Mango - (Bowen) seedling

Mango - (Bowen) seedling Image

Kensington Pride Mangos, often called by the generic 'Bowen' mango have been bred specifically in northern Queensland, for the Australian climate.
The size, the perfume and that scarlet blush, makes your mouth water just thinking about it.

Unlike many Mango's, Kensington Pride reproduces itself from seed very well and produces 'true to type' offspring.

While they suffer if the air temperature drops below 0°C, they are quite hardy trees that will give a lifetime of fruit and pleasure.
Our potted seedlings are over 6 months old and ready to be transplanted, preferably into a large pot for their next growth spurt.

The prefer a more alkaline, sandy soil and are quite salt tolerant.

Fruit usually begins in their second or third year.

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